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Internet and phone scams: How they get you!

Online scammers will say whatever they need to say to get as much money out of you as possible. They will often use fear tactics to scare you into spending money to fix a fake computer problem, or sending money based on other deceptions.

Here are some important safeguards to protect yourself from scams:

  • Let calls from strangers go to voicemail - they can leave a message if it's important.

  • Delete suspicious pop-ups or phone messages.

  • If on the phone with a possible scammer, ask for information in writing, and then hang up. A real company will have no problem sending you a letter - a scammer won't.

  • Do not allow anyone remote access to your home computer.

You can read the article in the link at the end of this post to learn useful strategies on how to stay one step ahead of scammers. The article features an incredible story about a software expert who uses his computer hacking skills to investigate an international tech-support scam. He successfully fools the online scammers, records their interactions and then posts videos of his encounters on YouTube. Read on to discover more about how he does this and how to protect yourself from tech-support scams.


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