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Over the past 27 years I have helped my own family navigate the Medicare and Social Security systems. Since becoming a licensed agent in 2005 I have worked with some wonderful clients. I've witnessed how those in poverty struggle to obtain Social Security Disability, Medicaid or Medicare Savings Programs and corporate clients strain to make adjustments from  group policies to Medicare. After helping hundreds of clients I can say that every situation is different.


Don't let the mountains of mail, mind-numbing web pages overflowing one-size-fits-all  recommendations that could be harmful and costly get you down.  I take the stress out of puzzling processes and ensure understanding of options before recommending decisions on Medicare coverage. Your situation is unique. The wrong choices can cost thousands of dollars over the years.


I sell and review all types of Medicare insurance products. I know money and I know Medicare. In August of 2013 I retired my securities licenses (Series 6,63,7, 66) to concentrate on my Medicare practice. I work with many  companies including Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield. United Health Care, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, Manhattan Life, Cigna, AIG, Silver Scripts,  and more. Contact me and get the conversation started.

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