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Style Makeover at My Age?

June 3, 2015

It is possible but has nothing to do with age. As Iris Apfel states in her interview with Hap Epstein of the Palm Beach Post, “style is attitude, attitude, attitude! You have to be yourself and if you really want individual style you have to express yourself.” This bit of wisdom from the 93 year old fashion icon could easily apply to other aspects of life, not just about personal style. Hopefully, as we age we become familiar with clothing and accessories that make us feel beautiful and are comfortable on our bodies.


At what age do we quit worrying that the fashion police will crash through our front doors and haul us away? Who ever invented this concept of fashion rights and wrongs inserted a ridiculous level of stress in our lives, especially to an aging body. Wear what expresses you style and be comfortable doing it.

   Two women who carry off a great sense of personal style are Elizabeth Alexander Mary Windsor, Queen of England and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, First Lady of the United States. The Queen with her classic Launer handbag and The First Lady wearing those knee-length floral dresses. These two ladies have their own personal style and always look comfortable in their clothing, accessories, hats and coats.

   Whether one wears elastic-waist pants due to arthritis or other handicaps or has clothing custom tailored, comfort should take precedent as one coasts through the last decades of life. Due to my severe arthritis and a titanium joint I have retired my last pair of heels. I love the way high heels highlight the legs but pain-free comfort has won over vanity and sexy legs.

   Since Mrs. Apfel tells us attitude is important in finding our personal style I’ve had to change mine when it comes to footwear. Instead of dreading the search for sandals and low-heeled shoes that don’t remind me of Nurse Ratchet in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest I’ve adopted a different attitude. I search for shoes with metallic colors. Coopers, silvers, gold and especially the multi-colored metallic shades in sandals. These shoes go with everything and look striking. The added benefit is I don’t over buy, have fun hunting and I don’t have to worry about my knee and hip hurting at the end of the day or evening.


Do the shoes in your closet reflect your style? Are the wing tips polished and re-soled? Do your garden clogs make you smile when you walk outside in them? Life is too short to have shoes that are worn out, pinch your feet or are out of sync with your life style. Toss them over into the giveaway box.  If you look at your shoes, or any item in your closet for that matter and do not smile, it’s time for not just a closet make over, but an attitude adjustment to help determine your personal style.


Perhaps your attitude needs some minor tuning. If there are items in your closet that don’t bring a smile to your face, give them away. Open a box. Stand in front of the closet and grab one item. Smile or frown? Hang back in or toss it away. Quickly because if you over think this you will end up with the same things hanging in the same spot and your attitude will suffer. There is not enough time in the day to struggle with what to wear. Know what make you feel good and only keep those items.


Embrace those elastic waist pants but please don’t tuck your shirt in. Buy crisp dress shirts or hip length sweaters and they will look sharp on you. No one, especially not the fashion police knows there is elastic under there. Be comfortable every day, and every occasion. It is a matter of attitude. Control it and express it. There are multiple charity organizations just waiting for that box and there really is meaning to the saying that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Just allow another to treasure those items that you don’t. Your personal style will shine through and you will have a calmer attitude.


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Style Makeover at My Age?

June 3, 2015

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